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What is an essay? – The reasoned essay is a written creative work in which, following the structure of the text precisely, its opinion on the chosen topic is substantiated and the proposed thesis is proved.

The reasoned essay is written to express an opinion on a topic and to improve thinking skills.

The reasoned essay is characterized by:
purposefulness – all parts are subject to the topic

coherence – thematic relationship between text units

Completeness – Respecting volume

Completeness – Overall conclusion, generalization.

The reasoned essay consists of theses, supporting arguments and arguments proving the facts.

The reasoned essay style and culture is characterized by:

  1. Lexic – vocabulary – what do I say about my idea?

Direct and transmitted meaning of words.

Word imagery relevant to the task.

Using different vocabulary layers (foreign words, nouns, terms)

  1. Text Syntax – How Do I Tell Me?

Sentences for the purpose of construction and expression.

Pushes in the text.

Orthography and punctuation laws.

The reasoned essay consists of 3 parts – introduction, discussion and conclusion. The essay usually consists of 3 paragraphs, the combined essay consists of 5 paragraphs.

The first paragraph of the essay is an introduction that mentions the thesis and 3 statements. The statements in the essay should be named in the order in which they will be revealed in the subsequent paragraphs of the reasoned essay. Claims must be named in such a way that the most important statement is the last one, namely that it is disclosed in paragraph 4.

The second, third and fourth paragraphs are a discussion. In the second paragraph, the first of the statements mentioned in the introduction should be proved by examples, facts, judgments to become an argument. The last sentence of the paragraph should contain the conclusion from that argument.

In the third paragraph, just as in the second paragraph, the statement must be proved. Only this time is the second statement in the introduction.

The fourth paragraph introduces the third statement and the third conclusion is written.

The fifth paragraph is the end. It should write a summary of the conclusions of paragraphs 2, 3 and 4, formulate a key statement confirming or denying the essay.

Essay sample

Reflections on lies are an important topic because there is a lot of lying in life and the truth is often lying next to lies. There are also lies that arise when a person is endowed with a rich fantasy and does not even distinguish between lies and reality. And so is the so-called “white lie” to protect one of the harsh truths.

Lies are associated with hypocrisy. Sometimes a person who has acted badly lies to justify himself and not to reveal his true character. For example, someone has entrusted each other with their secret. But after a while he learns that the whole class is talking about it. But when he asks this gossip whether he has revealed the mystery, he is lying because he is afraid that he will no longer trust him. So fear of revelation creates hypocrisy and lies are born.

But differently from hypocrisy are the lies that occur when a person has a bright imagination. Such is, for example, Baron Munchausen. The concept of ‘Munchausen Stories’ has emerged, where reality and fantasy come together. Z. Mauriņa said that “a person with fantasy is like a bird that can go to where he wants”. This shows that the Munchausen’s libel, without harming anyone, allows us to get rid of everyday problems and boredom.

The daily problems mentioned can be tragic, so sometimes it is better not to tell the truth. For example, when a person is ill and the truth can bring him to death. Such lies have been called “white lies” in life. Such lies, if they take a moment away from the tragic moment and retain faith in the future, I support.

The cause of lies can be hypocrisy and selfishness, as well as Minhauzenian fantasies and “white lies”. However, whatever the purpose of the man, it does not justify lying, because everyone has the right to hear the truth, no matter how bitter it is. Lies are not true. So lie not right.

Shannyn Combs

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